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Scientific workshops

Mathematics days

The Valencia Mathematics Day is an educational project, organized by the Guadalaviar School in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia since 1991, with the common interest of improving and the mathematical level of young people today.

This project is aimed at awakening and promoting the playful use of mathematics and the skills that this subject involves: calculating, logic and reasoning. This way, it influences the learning process of maths beyond what the school curriculum allows.

This is a project in which a significant number of students from 3rd to 6th of Primary participate every year. During these tasks, we apply the knowledge we have learned and the students leave their “ comfort zone” by working in a different environment.



This is a workshop aimed at those students who are curious and eager to learn with good academic performance and a high capacity for learning. The project takes place Fridays during non-teaching hours (12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.). The sessions are divided into two parts: the first being theoretical and the second, practical. Each session will focus on a specific topic. It is focused on the students of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of Primary with a maximum of 15 participants.


  • To promote interest in science.
  • To strengthen knowledge and improve academic results of the participating students.
  • To teach them that learning can be practical and fun.
  • To encourage experimentation and participation in a fun and exciting environment.


Biology is one of the most complex sciences known as it is the study of everything that is alive or related to life. Since diversity is one of the keys to life, the difficulty lies in the infinite range of possibilities with which life happens. From the simplest molecules to the complex system called Earth, biology attempts to explain life.

Many of us are passionate about this subject which allows us to look at life from a different perspective; perhaps more analytical, but no less with love. We meet annually in a competition in which the goal is the study and understanding of biology. This competition is known as the “Biology Olympics”. It is intended for students who are studying this discipline in Bachillerato Levels 1 and 2. It consists of a series of theoretical and practical tests in all aspects of biology studied during these two years. There are three levels of competition: municipal, national and international. Dominicos school has entered this competition twice, winning the municipal and national levels in both cases and coming in third and fourth at the international level. Similar results have never been achieved by another school in Spain. The winning students were Javier Martínez in the Biology Olympics in 2015 and José Mª Pérez in the 2017 Olympics. In 2019, our student María Pérez placed first in the municipal phase.


Female Scientists’ Day is celebrated worldwide on 11  February. Its aim is to highlight the many female scientists who have gone without recognition and to encourage women to enter this male-dominated discipline.

In our school, various activities take place. Our intention is to raise the awareness of female scientists who have excelled in their fields and through them make science more accessible to our students. We enjoy a day in which female scientists are presented as influential figures who made our lives a little easier.

For many years, this has been a worldwide initiative in which schools welcome scientists who stand out in their field. Students in 5th and 6th of Primary attend a video conference given by former student Emma Izquierdo,  who has a doctorate and post doctorate in Physics and is a specialist in remote sensing. Last year, she gave a video conference from the ITC in Holland, where she was working as a researcher. This year, she will broadcast from Vienna where she works as a teacher and researcher at the university.