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The Parent-Teacher Association, in addition to its legal duties, works "to collaborate with school, its management and teachers in the formation, education and instruction of all its students and pupils".

PTA participates actively in school life by easing relations between families and school. In order for PTA to fulfill its objective in the most efficient way it needs the participation of all parents in the school, which allows a unity of action in the educational task, either by giving suggestions, collaborating, organizing activities and participating in them, getting an active involvement in the education of the children.

PTA is involved with each different departments that make up our beloved school and in all of them it tries to contribute with effort, dedication or resources. 

The committee of the PTA, made up of volunteer parents who give their time and energy in favour of all the students and families, are elected by a vote of all the associates, meets periodically with the school management as well as with the stage directors. The objective is to pass on to them those concerns expressed by the families or detected by the members of the school in their close relationship with the Educational Community. In addition, PTA supports and promotes as much as possible the initiatives that the teachers pass on to us and that result in the best and most complete formation of our sons and daughters.

It's positive and important that all parents are aware of the activities that PTA carries out and for this reason it makes an effort to give the most complete information possible in its blog.

Send your contributions or suggestions. All this will serve as an encouragement to make every day a better school.

If you want to know more about the PTA, visit their blog: