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Teachers and Specialists

Class 1A
Mariola Zamora  ─  zamora.mdolores@dominicoscoval.org
Class 1B
Paloma Fonollosa  ─  fonollosa.paloma@dominicoscoval.org
Class 1C
Joaquín Cebellán  ─  cebellan.joaquin@dominicoscoval.org
Class 1D
Sandra Alfaro  ─  alfaro.sandra@dominicoscoval.org

English Teacher
Mar Teruel  ─  teruel.mar@dominicoscoval.org
P.E. Teacher     
Sergio Rubio  ─  ​rubio.sergio@dominicoscoval.org


Teachers and Specialists

Class 2A
Merce Corbí  ─  corbi.merce@dominicoscoval.org
Class 2B
Amparo Llorens  ─  llorens.amparo@dominicoscoval.org
Class 2C
David Cano  ─  cano.david@dominicoscoval.org

English Teacher
Mar Teruel  ─  teruel.mar@dominicoscoval.org
P.E. Teacher
Sergio Rubio  ─  ​rubio.sergio@dominicoscoval.org


Teachers and Specialists

Class 3A  
Reyes Sanz  ─  sanz.reyes@dominicoscoval.org
Class 3B
Sonia Muñoz  ─  munoz.sonia@dominicoscoval.org
Class 3C
Ricardo Villar  ─  villar.ricardo@dominicoscoval.org

Religion Teacher
P. Vicente Grau  ─  grau.vicente@dominicoscoval.org
English Teacher
Claudia Rodríguez  ─  rodriguez.claudia@dominicoscoval.org
P.E. Teacher
Ricardo Villar  ─  ​villar.ricardo@dominicoscoval.org


Teachers and Specialists

Class 4A
Ana Castilla  ─  castilla.ana@dominicoscoval.org
Class 4B
 María Roca  ─  roca.maria@dominicoscoval.org
Class 4C
Menchu Polit  ─  polit.menchu@dominicoscoval.org
Class 4D
Mª Ángeles Millet  ─  millet.ma@dominicoscoval.org

English Teachers
Carla Coll  ─  coll.carla@dominicoscoval.org
Ana Castilla  ─  castilla.ana@dominicoscoval.org
P.E. Teacher
Sergio Rubio  ─  rubio.sergio@dominicoscoval.org
Religion Teacher
P. Vicente Grau  ─  ​grau.vicente@dominicoscoval.org


Teachers and Specialists

Class 5A
Mª Carmen Huerta  ─  huerta.mcarmen@dominicoscoval.org
Class 5B
Alberto Izquierdo  ─  izquierdo@dominicoscoval.org
Class 5C
Kiko Berrocal  ─  berrocal.francisco@dominicoscoval.org
Class 5D
Mª Carmen Abad  ─  abad.macarmen@dominicoscoval.org

English Teachers
Carla Coll  ─  coll.carla@dominicoscoval.org
Mª Carmen Huerta  ─  huerta.mcarmen@dominicoscoval.org
P.E. Teacher
Sergio Rubio  ─  ​rubio.sergio@dominicoscoval.org

6th of PRIMARY

Teachers and Specialists

Class 6A
Paula de Vidiella  ─  vidiella.paula@dominicoscoval.org
Class 6B
Amparo Ángel  ─  angel.amparo@dominicoscoval.org
Class 6C
Jorge Llopis  ─  llopis.jorge@dominicoscoval.org
Class 6D
Santiago García  ─  garcia.santi@dominicoscoval.org

English Teacher
Claudia Rodríguez  ─  rodriguez.claudia@dominicoscoval.org
P.E. Teacher
Sergio Rubio  ─  ​rubio.sergio@dominicoscoval.org


9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



  • Getting to know, appreciating the value of tolerance, and learning to act in accordance with them. Promoting citizenship and respecting human rights, as well as the diversity of a democratic society. 

  • Developing individual and team work habits, effort and collaboration, as well as self-confidence, critical thinking, personal initiative, curiosity, interest and creativity in learning and entrepreneurship.       

  • Acquiring conflict resolution skills, fostering independence at home as well as in social groups.

  • Knowing, understanding and respecting the different cultures, equal rights and opportunities of men and women and the non-discrimination of disabled people.

  • Getting to know and using Spanish and Valencian languages properly and developing reading habits.

  • Acquiring a foereign language, at least one, the basic communicative competence that would allow them to express and understand simple messages and to cope with everyday situations.

  • Developing basic mathematical skills and commencing to solve problems that may require basic calculation operations, geometric knowledge and measurements, as well as being able to apply them to their everyday life situations.

  • Getting to know the fundamental aspects of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Geography, History and Culture.

  • Introduction to the use of information technologies, for learning and  communication, for the development of a critical mindset.

  • Using different artistic representations and expressions and to start building visual and audiovisual presentations.

  • Valuing hygiene and health, accepting self and others, respecting differences and using physical education and sport as a means of promoting personal and social development.

  • Getting to know and value the animals that are closest to human beings and learning to care for them.

  • Developing their affective capacities in all areas of their personalities and their relationships with others, as well as an attitude against violence, prejudice of any kind and sexual stereotypes.

  • Promoting road safety and attitudes that will help prevent traffic accidents.


At this stage, the relationship with families is one of our priorities. We understand that coordination between teachers and parents is fundamental and, in this way, we involve them in the educational process of their children. This is usually done by teachers who specialise in each of the subjects taught in each course.

Two meetings with families are held. The first is in September to explain the objectives of the course and to emphasise the rules of tolerance. The second meeting is held in January to comment on the results of the first evaluation and to provide guidelines for continuing to work on the remainder of the course.

At the end of May, a meeting is held with the students' peers to inform them about the transition to Secondary Education and the criteria to be followed in choosing the elective courses.

On the other hand, every time a family requests a private meeting, the teacher will be available as soon as possible. All the families have at least one private meeting during the school year.