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Linguistic projects


BEDA Programme

The BEDA Programme (Bilingual English Development & Assessment) is a flexible programme, which effectively helps to improve the teaching of English in English, always in tandem with the quality of the school’s teaching, values and Educational Project. It is run by Escuelas Católicas and Cambridge English Language Assessment. The three basic pillars of the BEDA Programme are the qualitative and quantitative increase in the teaching of English, teacher training and external assessment with Cambridge. To this end, we have two native English language assistants, thus the programme provides various training activities, especially in CLIL methodology.

Concerning external assessment with Cambridge for students, teachers and school staff, our school offers the possibility of preparing and registering students for the University of Cambridge ESOL exams: Movers (A1), Flyers (A2), KET (A2), PET (B1), FCE (B2) and CAE (C1). It should be noted that our assigned examination centre is “Lenguas Vivas”, with whom we have successfully been working for many years.

Currently, the school has implemented level 2 - Bilingual Model of the BEDA Programme.


Dual Diploma - Bachillerato

Our school offers the possibility of taking the Dual Diploma from 2nd ESO through Academica School (www.academica.school). It is an online course coordinated by Sara Castillo (castillo.sara@dominicoscoval.org), who has teaching experience in the United States. In addition, the students will also have a teacher from Florida with constant feedback. The experience of the families and students who have taken the course is very positive. We offer more detailed information in the following documents that you can view and download.

Exchange with Germany

For many years now, our school has been carrying out the popular exchange programme with the Dillmann Institute in Stuttgart (Germany). In the month of November, our students who study German in Bachillerato Level 1 have had the pleasure of hosting their German guests for a week. The most interesting experience, however, is the trip to Stuttgart and the seven-day German homestay in February. Stuttgart is one of the most economic and culturally prosperous cities in southern Germany. The objective of this exchange is the implementation and improvement of the German language level, a familiarisation with German culture and - in many cases - the formation of friendships that last a lifetime.

It is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience which opens up many opportunities for its participants.


Summers in Ireland and England

For some years now, organised by the language company “H4”, our students have been able to take part in different language programmes according to their needs. These programmes take place in family or residential accommodations in Ireland (Carlow, Galway, Dublin, Waterford, Athy, Cork) and England (Nottingham).

The H4 company's name encapsulates its raison d'être and the values it wishes to transmit.

H4 represents:

  • Humanity: If this is not taken into account, the relationship between people loses its meaning.

  • Humility: An easy way to reach agreement.

  • Honesty: A value that should permeate all areas of life.

  • Humour: Necessary for our society, as nothing is more healing than the power of a smile.

With these values, at H4, we aim to bridge the gap between companies and people.



Beginning in 2016, our school has been sending six students from Bachillerato Level 1 to the European Youth Parliament (EYP)

The European Youth Parliament is an organisation with an educational spirit that encourages young people to think critically and independently at the same time and are committed to issues that may be crucial for their future.

It is one of the largest European platforms for political debate, with English as the language of instruction.

It consists of three sessions: regional, national and international. Students selected for the regional session are assigned to different committees which are responsible for preparing and debating current controversial issues that mainly concern the European Union, as if they were in the European Parliament.