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El Tossal



During the last week of June, for many years, every summer we hold a camp for school students in “El Tossal”, located in Corbera. 

The camp is run by school teachers with the cooperation of former students who supervise.

The objectives of our camp are in accordance with those of the school. Some of them are:

  • To develop imagination, creativity and the practice of sports through games, workshops, and crafts.

  • To improve cooperation and socialization, by following the rules of tolerance. 

  • To promote respect for the environment.

  • To share with students the experience of the Christian faith in a playful atmosphere appropriate for their age.

  • To increase autonomy and personal development.

  • To enjoy a few days' holiday with the teachers and monitors.

We are waiting for you to enjoy your teachers, supervisors, friends, swimming pool, nature...

We can’t wait for you to enjoy nature, swimming, hanging out with  your friends and spending time with teachers and supervisors.


Do you remember when you were at camp? Days spent hiking in the mountains? This is the moment that we want our students to remember throughout their whole lives after taking “classes” in nature.

During this time we can enjoy a few days of fun and learning in the middle of nature. There is an endless number of activities adapted to their age such as: nature workshops in which we visit our vegetable patch and plant seeds. We also play games in the village of Corbera, sports games in different groups, and enjoy evenings out and many other activities.

We have a high quality kitchen service in which we take care of any food needs. We are also prepared to attend to any specific health or allergy needs with our first-aid kits and staff with first-aid qualifications.

“El Tossal” is located in Corbera (1 km from the village), on the foothills of the Cavall Bernat (the highest peak in the Sierra de la Murta area). We are also 1 km away from the Health Centre of Corbera and 20 minutes by car from the hospital of La Ribera (Alzira) for any emergencies.

“El Tossal” has perfect facilities for this type of activity with a football, basketball and volleyball field, a fencing forest area, a multipurpose equipped room for workshops and games, a swimming pool, and adventure activities equipment.

We want our students to be able to experience living together and create inseparable bonds in nature keeping those memories for life.