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Language workshops


How do words affect our lives?

Words are necessary to develop and communicate. Knowing them, interpreting them and using them correctly is therefore an indispensable task for everyone.

With literary workshops in both writing and reading we provide our students with the tools necessary to express everything they feel, need or simply want to say.

Reading is a necessary tool in the learning process and everyone must master this skill. In our workshops we help a group of students with this task.

Nowadays writing is a subject that has greatly changed. In the workshop we familiarise students with the different styles and uses of writing.


In the "Santo Domingo de Guzmán" Reading Contest the participating Secondary and Bachillerato-Sixth Form students read a story, narrative fragment, poem, song or humorous monologue of their choice aloud utilizing their dramatic talents with or without audiovisual accompaniment. The reading cannot exceed five minutes in length.

Three categories are distinguished:

  • 1st and 2nd of Secondary

  • 3rd and 4th of Secondary

  • Bachillerato Levels 1 and 2

Depending on participation, the judges may redistribute the categories according to their criteria. The competition is held at the end of the year festival. The judges’ decision, as well as the awarding of prizes and certificates, is announced the following week. The judges value expressiveness, intrigue and, especially, the originality of the contestant's own work.


The League of Extraordinary Readers is the school’s literary club. This academic year the club plans to develop, as in previous years, various activities to promote reading thus, a total of two quarterly readings will be assigned. One will be linked to the activity of the literary club promoted by the League. A film version of the reading will be seen and commented upon.

The meetings of the League take place, as often as possible, on one Friday every month. Finally, to  support the participants in the reading contest "Santo Domingo de Guzmán" during the second semester the League will offer a workshop of dramatized reading.


The purpose of the school's Debate Club is threefold.

  • First of all to introduce its members to the principles of public speaking so they develop confidence in public speaking.
  • Secondly, to familiarise them with the demands of public debate.
  • And finally, to train them as critical thinkers, capable at all times of distinguishing a good argument from a bad one.

The club will propose its annual schedule of activities around the eventual participation of its members in one of the tournaments of the School Debate and Oratory League organized, both in Spanish and English, by the BBVA's Activa-T Educational Foundation (https://fundacionactivate.org/).

During this academic year, and as an inaugural event, the Club will offer its activities exclusively to students in the 4th year of Secondary and Bachillerato Levels 1 and 2. However, as of next year we will collaborate with UPV's Debate Club, which will allow us to extend our offer to many other students.